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Under-a-Sacred-SkyBook by Ray Grasse

OPA Review by Kathryn Andren

Ray Grasse’s new book Under a Sacred Sky, Essays on the Practice and Philosophy of Astrology is a delight and inspiration. Both the seasoned astrologer or astrologically curious will find treasures of insight in the author’s thoughtful essays. The book is a complication of essays on various topics; including astrological connections in cinema, arts and culture, current events, diving deep in the metaphysical and more! The author illustrates practical examples of how astrology works in the world across time. This is one of the greatest gifts of reading Under a Scared Sky, the content is both timely and timeless. Ray Grasse sites many historical references and some chapters link research to birth charts of popular individuals in politics, arts and sports. For the astrology enthusiast or astrologically curious, the dynamic variety of essays has something for everyone. I dare say that this book is a must read for any astrologer in professional practice. There are several chapters where the author clearly and compassionately defines how to be a better astrologer. He offers supportive suggestions that are touching and heartfelt from decades of experience. Chapters on astrology counseling include: “The Seven Most Common Mistakes Made by Astrologers” & “The Perils of Telling People What to Do.” Ray Grasse writes from decades of experience as a seasoned astrologer with a rich variety of interests. His is the author of 2 other books and has been a contributor to The Mountain Astrologer for many years. “He received a degree in filmmaking from the Art Institute of Chicago . . . He has studied with various teachers in both the Kriya Yoga and Zen traditions . . . He’s lectured extensively on the topics of astrology, synchronicity, and mythology, and maintains an active astrological practice with clients around the United States and abroad”. Learn more about Ray Grasse on his website www.RayGrasse.com Ray’s book deeply inspired me. A most happy surprise was an essay called “Astrology and the Chakras: Toward a Sacred Psychology of the Horoscope” originally published in the TMA in 1996. This chapter includes revealing information integrating planets with the chakras. Personally, as an astrologer and massage therapist in professional practice of energy healing bodywork for years, I was both humbly reminded as well as excited, that no matter how much I think I have learned, there is always more to know! Concluding chapters include inspiring interviews called “Conversations in Astrology” with Richard Tarnas and Laurence Hillman. Readers, be sure do not skip the notes! Final remarks at the end of this author’s chapters hold a wealth of information. Ray Grasse’s depth of knowledge and material inspires me to check out his other books: The Waking Dream, and Signs of the Times. In deep gratitude for this authors contribution and years of content to the field of astrology! Order information for Ray Grasse’s books is found here https://www.raygrasse.com/#!alternate-book-page/cq0i Find a sneak peak of Ray’s writing available on his web site here https://www.raygrasse.com/#!contact/c1472