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the-midheavenBook by Frank Clifford

Review by Arlan Wise

Frank Clifford packs a lot of information into these 53 pages. In true Aries fashion, Frank cuts right to the heart of the matter and gives the reader an excellent education on the Midheaven while using no extra words. There is no padding in this book, no useless adverbs or adjectives, every word counts in this short “to-the–point” booklet. It’s great to read.

Frank starts with the obvious question, What is the Midheaven? (or MC.) He begins with an explanation of the astronomy of the MC. He also clarifies the difference between the 10th house cusp and the MC. He then moves on to show us what it means after a thorough discussion on the angles. He explains how Gaugelin’s studies fit in. Frank teaches the reader how to delineate the MC in an organized, step by step fashion. There are lengthy descriptions of how to read the signs on the MC, fine tuning it down by the possible signs on the ascendant. This is followed by a section on the planets, Chiron, and the Nodes, in aspect to the MC. The information is accompanied by charts to make the explanations clear. Of course, Tina Turner has Uranus on her Midheaven! Oscar Wilde had Saturn on his MC.

Frank is a good writer. You saw that in his chapter on writing in OPA’s book, The Professional Astrologer. In his chapter, he discusses writing small booklets like this one. He states “I find them easier to write, edit and lay out, and they are designed to give readers instant access to an area of astrology.”

He is economical in his energy by quoting from his other books where it is appropriate. He uses information from other astrologers and includes a list of references for further study.

This is a very good book. It is like a well, small in area but deep in content. His information is spot on. I showed the book to a couple of students and watched their reaction and awe as they read about themselves and family members and heard them say “right, right, wow…”
Read it and you’ll feel the same way. It’s a five-star book.