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the-light-of-venusBook by Adam Gainsburg

Review by Arlan Wise

There is something new in this book that comes from something very old. Adam Gainsburg has added information to our astrological knowledge by using the ancient method of observation. He looked at the night sky for nine years and while doing so he received understanding from Venus about her phases as she moves through both the night and morning skies.

Adam defines phases as the dynamic sub-section of a planet’s complete cycle with another body that conveys a broader meaning than the planet itself. He uses the astrophysical conditions such as speed, brightness, latitude and sky appearance to enhance a planet’s meanings.

In this book Adam uses the archetypal meaning of feminine when he speaks of Venus. He describes it as the yin half of the duality of masculine and feminine and emphasizes that it is not to be seen in terms of gender. He then goes on to differentiate between the personal feminine and the dharmic feminine, which is ones spiritual responsibility to the collective and thus objective and beyond self, the place where one moves from me to we.

Venus has thirteen phases in her relationship to the Sun. Each phase has a specific meaning that Adam delineates. The meat of the book is these detailed descriptions of each phase. Adam gives factual data, the personal and dharmic (soul growth) meanings of each phase, and a meditation image. It is all good advice that helps you obtain a deeper look at who you are. He has excellent graphics and diagrams that add a visual dimension towards understanding what he is saying. You can see the phases as Venus moves from morning star to evening star and back again. There is a table that spans the time period from 1900-2100, which enables you to find the Venus phase at birth for you, your parents, your children, and grandchildren, and all your friends. This makes it easy to study Venus phases by using the information in reference to those you know.

The book contains thirteen appendices. One of these is on Venus-Moon aspects, adding another dimension. There is a table that makes it easy for you to find your Venus-Moon conjunction with information on the sign it is in and what it means for you.

This is an easy book to read but is not a book for beginners since you need to know your basics to understand it. It is a book that will make you think. The Light of Venus gives your understanding of astrology a new and added dimension. After reading this book you will want to go out at night and look up at the sky like the earliest astrologers did. This is a book you want to have on your bookshelf.