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star-sistersBook by
Linda “Moonrabbit” Zlotnick

Review by Arlan Wise

Each death is a terrible loss, but to lose a twin in midlife is a grief that most of us cannot imagine. Linda describes this pain to us. As Linda is an astrologer, her memoir includes astrology as an integral part of the narrative. She has written a book that is of value on many levels, for those dealing with the loss of a loved one, for those who have become “twinless twins”, for astrologers who want to learn about the evolution of her death chart work, and for those astrology writers or writers who are astrologers who want to see how seamlessly astrology can be written into a book that is not per se an astrology book.

Linda Zlotnick, aka Moonrabbit, is a highly regarded professional consulting astrologer. She has an astrology school in Minneapolis that takes students from beginners and turns them into professional astrologers. She has served on the board of OPA and on the NCGR Twin Cities group. She shares her chart in the book, along with that of her twin, Lou Ann. We see that the writing in this book about death and life and transformation comes from the depths of a Moon-Pluto conjunction that has Saturn involved to make it useful.

The book is divided into three sections – the Shared Path, the Divergent Path, and the Solo Path. It is an elegant way to describe the journey of her life up until now. It describes a major theme in the book, that of learning to be alone. How the two were one and then only Linda was one. This is a universal issue but different when one has always had a twin beside them since being in the womb. This book is about growth and the transformation that to her childhood, actually the moment when the doctor and her mother discover that there are twins. When astrology enters her life, it enters the book. It’s good astrology and spoken so naturally that it fits right in. Astrologers may want more astrology but will appreciate the wisdoms that are there. Non-astrologers will find the use of astrology appealing and easy to understand since she explains all the terms she uses. She is educating readers in the value of astrology. She shows how astrology has an important role in health and healing, both for her clients and for herself.

Although this is not a standard astrology book, there are benefits for the astrologer who reads it. Astrologers receive insight into the special relationship between twins. This is important to know when a twin comes in for a consultation. Reading this book we follow the path of a successful professional astrologer and learn how to become one. Since we have Linda’s chart, we can understand her mother’s behavior (Moon-Pluto – Saturn) and read the book at a deeper level. We learn how she created the technique of interpreting death charts (which is not predicting death) and how they became a tool for counseling clients in grief. She is specific in saying “I don’t think there’s a way to tell when someone will die from their chart. It’s a map of potentials, not outcomes.”

“Death charts were important for me because of Lou Ann, but as soon as I began doing them, I sensed they had a deeper service. If someone could be reassured about the reason for a death, as seen in the charts, and know aspects of this mystery as best as I could read them, perhaps their suffering would be eased. This has happened with the few readings I’d done in the last few months and I’ve felt grateful to have this new tool to offer those left behind.”

This is a beautifully written book touching on what was once a taboo subject. It’s sad yet joyful and hopeful, and is a story of true transformation. The astrological descriptions and images are wonderful. “I read these charts like archeologists read hieroglyphics.” It is a story of how astrology helped her through a crisis. It is an inspiration to those who will find out that astrology can be of help and a validation to those of us who are astrologers that our art is truly of value.

Star Sisters is a joy to read. It is an important addition to the volumes of astrological literature.

It is a 5-star book.