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Soul-Path-WayBook by Kay Taylor

Review by Arlan Wise

This is not your average astrology book. It has astrology in it, and it is very good astrology, but there is much more. This is a guide, a manual, on how to live a soul centered life. Kay has studied evolutionary astrology and that is what she teaches us. She shows us how to explore one’s karmic story through the Nodes of the Moon, Pluto, and Saturn. She provides tables at the end of the book for those who don’t know the placements of these planets and Nodes. Kay also lists prominent evolutionary astrologers for those who want a reading and want to further their studies. Only one of the five sections in the book is devoted to astrology. The other sections of the book cover methods of healing, tips on manifestation and the laws of attraction, and instructions on how to create a soul centered life. Kay gives exercises and meditations after each chapter which gives this book a hands on quality.

She helps you keep a journal of your progress on your path. You actually work through the material and participate rather than just absorb the teachings. Kay has set up a website where one can download mp3 files for the guided meditation exercises. She says: I’m hoping this additional resource allows people who are motivated to do the processwork offered in the book to have an organized website to follow along with. https://app.ruzuku.com/ courses/16197/about Kay writes with kindness for her readers. She says: If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or haven’t had time to do every single reflection or meditation of the previous weeks, that’s okay. Take your time and complete what you feel called to do. She shows that she cares for the readers’ well being and she supports rather than pressures. It feels like she is giving personal attention as she speaks to you and your issues. Not just your mind but also your body and psyche become engaged as you read.

It is timely that the book is published under the Pisces/Virgo nodes as this is a Pisces-Virgo book. There is a connection between the practical doing of exercises, journaling, thinking of goals, and the end result of living a spiritually oriented life There is something for everyone in this book. It has clear, well written explorations of spiritual and psychic matters that other books gloss over. An added virtue of the book is its use as a reference for clients. When you have a client who is having a transit of transformation and is unsure about finding his or her way, this book teaches how to listen to oneself to find the next steps along one’s path. It is a book for astrologers and also for those who wish to use.