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solar-lunarBook by Ray Merriman

OPA Review by Kathryn Andren

Ray Merriman’s recent book is a rich wealth of information for day traders and financial astrologers. His book is based on the premise that there is a correlation between the price movements in the financial markets and the relationship of the Sun and the Moon by sign. Solar-Lunar, Keys to Gold Prices, Secrets of A Gold Trader is a comprehensive book filled with research from over forty years of data. Merriman specifically chose the Gold market to test his thesis and examined the highs and lows of gold trading activity between December 31, 1974 and April 16, 2015. The primary value the book is to meet the needs of shorter-term traders. The author does this by focusing mostly upon Moon signs – and in particular, Moon signs within each Sun sign.

The bottom line for success in any trade is to buy low and sell high. Can astrology aspects show a trader when to buy or when to sell? Merriman describes his method and finds interesting correlations from his study reviewing the market over 10,114 dates. He seeks to gives traders “that extra edge” by providing Solar and Lunar correlations revealing when the market expects to make highs and lows then reverse. Merriman states “Identifying reversals in financial markets is essential to successful trading.”

In the first few chapters he describes his method. He clearly identifies and addresses some of the concerns of the study. For day trading, planetary aspects are set for high noon eastern time, then weekends and holidays are taken into consideration when the market is closed. The phase of the Moon also plays a role. Chapter 4 includes a look at how Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn aspects affect the market. He mentions “In Financial Astrology, Uranus is considered the planet of volatility. Larger than normal price swings occur very close in time to the times when different planets are in aspect to Uranus.” While most of Merriman’s data reviews solar-lunar aspects, he does later conclude that larger planet pattern aspects also play a part in market analysis.

There are 12 chapters dedicated each sign, with comprehensive tables showing the high and low combinations of the solar-lunar aspects through the Zodiac signs. The closing chapter highlights reminders of the “qualities” and the “elements” of the signs. For example, Cardinal signs initiate a new market trends, Fixed signs show where prices are in the middle of a trend, where the Mutable signs show change, volatility or reversal in trends.

Merriman asserts, “If one knows when a market is not likely to reverse, then one can either stay with a profitable position already held, or not initiate a new position”. Reversal change is important for traders and a 3-4% shift may occur over 2 days or 5 weeks. The data supports his second hypothesis: a correlation between certain solar-lunar sign combinations with “Big Range Days” in the Gold market. The author’s intention for the book is specifically to offer traders “an edge over other traders who are not aware of these simple, but powerful, correlations to potentially profitable price swings”. The research in his book offers a great value for traders to seek maximum profit with minimum exposure. His book format serves as a reference for the reader, to use as an efficient market-timing tool for successful trading.