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Separating-AspectsBook by Armand Diaz , Ph.D.

OPA Review by Kathryn Andren

Separating Aspects, The Astrology of Breakups, Divorce and Other Partings offers dynamic insight to identify astrological relationship signatures and specific qualities of transition timings. Armand Diaz makes clear that his book is not about predicting relationship breakups, but illuminates how different people may react or respond to relationship changes based on their natal personal aspect patterns and transit experiences.

The first 4 chapters are dedicated to the personal planets. He explores Moon by house and sign then Sun, Venus and Mars with potential aspect patterns. Following chapters dedicated to Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have a powerful client examples and with a concise summary with specific strategies to offer clients: ” Five things to do during this breakup”. Other chapters highlight general tendencies how modes and generational markers of the outer planets create specific imprints which may impact a persons response to relationship change.

Armand Diaz offers a clear and holistic perspective on the topic of relationships and partings. As many astrologers support clients during times of transition, both the advanced and beginning astrologers can find support in this book to further empower clients with context and compassion in times of change.