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pushing-through-timeBook by Georgia Ann Stathis

Review by Moon Zlotnick

Not since Ruperti’s Cycles of Becoming which was published in the 1970’s, has someone written such a comprehensive, well-organized and easy to understand book using synodic cycles. Applications to both collective cycles and individual charts are covered. Stathis begins the book by stating: “… eightfold lunation cycle is the template on which we lay out the developing synodic cycles. It provides a system that is simple, measurable, and dependable… The dependability of repeating patterns provides a structure for our passage through time and remains a tangible way to measure change, evolution, expansion, and possibility.” She then goes on to show many excellent examples of how the synodic cycles measure change, evolution, expansion and possibility.

The early chapters cover an easy to understand explanation of lunar cycles including two different uses of synodic cycles, the more well-known transit of the faster moving planet to the slower, and then a second cycle where the faster moving planet is tracked to a stationary point, the original conjunction. Each of these is demonstrated with clear, easy to understand graphics and historical examples. Historical examples range from the Civil Rights Movement, the Berlin Wall, the banking industry, putting a man on the Moon, and more. Each example is accompanied by a chart of the synodic cycles along with at least one astrological chart, making them easy to follow and understand.

The next part of the book goes through each of the planetary combinations, beginning with Jupiter/Saturn and concluding with Neptune/Pluto. The dates of the Synodic cycle with astrological degrees are given for each planetary pair, and then they are discussed as they appear in individual’s natal charts, and even more thoroughly against the backdrop of history. In the faster moving cycles like Jupiter/ Saturn (repeats every 19.8 years) there is a detailed look at the financial systems in this country, while the Uranus/Neptune section (repeats every 171 years) discusses four historical figures’ charts: Martin Luther, who began the reformation in Europe; Henry 8th, who defied the Catholic Church; Richard Warren Sears, who began Sears Roebuck; and Bill Wilson, founder of AA. Examples are chosen from history, but also with an eye to current culture and potential future events. For example, under the Jupiter/Uranus cycle, Stathis uses the charts of Steve Jobs and the Apple IPO applying the synodic cycles to major turning points of both. Under the Saturn/ Uranus cycles a close look is given to market and financial cycles, weaving those together with specifics events leading up to and during World War 2.

book was about the history of currency in this country and a future-oriented look at digital currency and other alternate currencies in the section on Saturn/Pluto. Stathis uses her specialized knowledge of economics, banking, and the economy to suggest that in the next few years a new economy will arise involving trading a skill for a service within specific communities, which could be a boon for practicing astrologers.

The last 30 pages of the book include very clear and beautiful visual reference charts of each synodic cycle in the book including years and zodiac degrees. This, along with a list of helpful websites, a complete bibliography, and an overall well composed design,makes this a wonderful reference book that all students and professionals of astrology will cherish.