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financial-significators-in-traditional-astrology professional-significators-in-traditional-astrologyBooks by Öner Döşer

Review by Arlan Wise

These two books are part of a series written by Öner Döşer to teach traditional astrology. The books support the courses of the AstroArt Astrology School in Istanbul, Turkey which is founded and run by Öner Döşer. They are short books and each one in the series is focused on a specific topic.

Öner Döşer is a master in traditional astrology and wants to share these techniques with contemporary astrologers. He says that the greatest difference between traditional and contemporary astrology is:

…the planets are not only attributed to the native, but also to other people signified through these planets. Traditional astrology is based on distinguishing and determining the planets which signify different issues.

He references his statements with quotes from many classical sources – Ptolemy, Bonati, Firmicus Maternus, Lilly, Morin, Al-Burona, Al-Quibasi, and Robert Zoller, who Öner reveres as his teacher. This gives the reader a full idea of the complexity of assigning planets as significators since not all of the sources agree with each other. There is a pattern in these books of teaching what the ancients say about the topic and then teaching what he does when looking at a chart with a particular focus. He has many examples charts, some them are of well-known Turkish individuals, which is interesting and something new for western readers. Öner uses the outer planets in his example charts. Each book has the same appendixes: a Table of Dignities, How to calculate Victors, How to find the Victor, How to calculate Lots, and a comprehensive glossary of the terms he uses in the books.

The books in this series are edited very well by Benjamin Dykes.

Professional Significators

This book describes the methods to use when looking at a chart to decide which is the best profession for a client. It tells how to find the Lot of Profession, how to read a diurnal or nocturnal chart (if the person is born during the day or night), which professions are ruled by which planet, indicated by sign and element, and how to combine two professional significators. He shows how to find the answers to such questions as – will the client be successful in his profession, or when will the client be successful. There is a chapter on planets in the tenth house and a chapter on the meaning of the lord of the tenth house in different houses.

Financial Significators

The topic of this book is finances. Öner starts by teaching how to calculate the Lot of Fortune and then analyze the house it occupies and its sign and its connections to other planet. Then he goes on to show how to analyze the second house and how to look at its lord in terms of the house where it resides. He demonstrates how to see if riches will be attained legally or illegally, if the client is destined for great fortune and wealth, or, a life of poverty. There is a chapter describing how Öner looks at a chart and which of the ancient methods he uses.

Öner Döşer is a natural teacher. His Aquarian Sun and Mercury are in trine to a ninth house Jupiter in Gemini. This speaks to his large international group of students and readers. He has found a winning formula for writing this series of short books, which also includes a volume on marriage significators.

The books are so well written that it is easy to learn how to include these old techniques into your work. You will benefit from reading them.