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Neptune-the-12th-house-and-PiscesBook by Maurice Fernandez

OPA Review by Arlan Wise

Maurice states in his preface that the purpose of the book is to “shed light on the foggy corners of the Pisces archetype”—including the 12th house and the placement of Neptune in the chart. He achieves his goal. Maurice Fernandez writes about our fall from the universal oneness symbolized by Pisces that happens as we take birth and how we can best handle the fact that we are now alive in a world of duality.

Timelessness is life’s eternal Truth, while Time and Space is where learning of the Truth occurs.

Maurice takes the reader through a thorough understanding of one’s personal challenge to do this, as described by the sign and house placement of Neptune in the natal chart. And yet this book is more than a cookbook of Neptune in the signs and houses, it is a guide to recognizing one’s stage in the process and tools on how to proceed along the path.

Chapter 1 describes the seven evolutionary phases of development. It is important to read this section first before skipping ahead to read about your particular signature so that you will understand the deep meaning of the book. The developmental phases of the Pisces archetype are:

  • Innocence in the Miracle of life
  • Losing innocence
  • Strengthening Immunity
  • Public function, Vocation, and Potential Fame: Becoming the instrument of life
  • Defying Fear
  • Humbling the Ego
  • Innocence, Disillusionment, and Maturity in Spirituality

After explaining these stages so that one can understand their meanings, Maurice goes on to Section 2 which brings in the specifics of the signatures of Pisces with each sign and in each house. He is scarily correct in these descriptions. You recognize yourself and your friends and family and feel that Maurice is talking to YOU. You realize that this is accurate information and therefore safe to use when working with clients. At the end of each sign description he tells you the things that you must Forgive and Accept, gives you an affirmation, a challenge, a gift, and the path to happiness. There are a couple of chart examples for each sign.

The third section is called Neptune in Transit. It teaches about Neptune’s transits through the houses. Maurice describes the current transit of Neptune in Pisces, which is happening while the book was being written and rewritten. He then looks back to the previous transit of Neptune in Pisces (1847-1862) and draws parallels to the present transit (2011-2016). He gives suggestions of what we might expect in the coming years as Neptune proceeds towards his entry into Aries. He steers your thinking in the right direction so that you may become a force towards the positive outcome of the transit.

Neptune and Pisces and the 12th house teach surrender, and this is a good way to read this book. Trust that you can absorb this material and be influenced by it with good results. Your left brain will be happy that the writing is well organized with good summaries of each segment, making it easy to refer back to and also to get the gist of the meaning so that you can remember it. Maurice is a good writer who writes with clarity and gives images and specific details. This is a big book with a wealth of information. He uses many words yet there are no excess words so that it is a pleasure to read. It is not redundant with the other books on Neptune as it has its unique slant, that of Evolutionary Astrology, making it spiritual yet realistic. Maurice is talking to your soul about its journey in this incarnation.


  • Neptune in each house and sign
  • Planets in the 12th house
  • Planets in the sign of Pisces
  • Neptune and the Nodal Axis
  • Neptune in Transit

This book takes a place among the classics of astrological literature. It belongs on your bookshelf. It’s a 5 star. A+ book.