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By becoming an OPA Member, you’ll receive all the benfits listed below, and be part of a strong community of dedicated astrology students, enthusiasts and professionals.

Together, we are devoted to excellence, integrity, and accessibility in astrology

OPA offers quality programs for all levels of expertise:

  • Free Webinar Presentations for OPA Members — a different talk almost every week! Most presentations are recorded so you can watch later. Subtitles are enabled in various languages.
  • OPA Members may submit a proposal to present a Speaker Series talk (professional astrologers) or Mercury Hour: Community Talks (emerging astrologers)
  • OPA Members attend Transit Talks for free. This is a monthly discussion group about the astrology of current events.
  • OPA LIVE! Join 3 or 4 leading Astrologers who share their expertise on a panel. Each one presents an astrological talk, surveying an astrological theme from diverse viewpoints. This quarterly presentation is free for OPA members who also get the recordings. (beginners to advanced levels). Non-members pay $25.
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  • OPA Members get significant discounts on workshops, conferences and retreats.
  • Our quarterly magazine, The Evolving Astrologer, is filled with high quality articles and new developments in the community. The online version is free to members. You can also pay for a subscription to a high quality paper version. You may submit your own articles for consideration (intermediate to advanced levels).
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All of this for only $80/year with an annual membership. A monthly subscription plan is also available. We also offer discounts for international members with large currency gaps vs the dollar.

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