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OPA’s Certification is a valuable credential among professional astrologers, providing tangible evidence of their competence and quality service. The certification is open to any type of astrology orientation.

Clients know to trust the services of OPA Certified Astrologers!

The goal of OPA certification is to improve the lives of professional astrologers while bringing better astrology to the world as a whole. This helps us fulfill our mission of making astrology more professional, credible, and sustainable as a practice.

OPA’s Certification Process assesses management, ethics, and skills of practicing astrologers. Unlike certification programs offered by other organizations, the OPA Certification Program is not focused on training astrologers academically, but rather, on evaluating if the already practicing astrologer is capable of earning a living as a professional astrologer in a competent, ethical, and helpful manner.

OPA’s Certification Process assures that people around the world have access to high-quality astrology that is valuable and effective. OPA will actively support and promote the astrologers we certify.

Requirements for OPA Certification:
Successfully participating in:

  • Three (3) Peer Group Process Trainings, each with a different group leader
  • OPA’s Consulting Skills Training
  • Astronomy for Astrologers Training (or testing out)

To begin this journey toward OPA Certification, simply register for any one of these trainings.

  • No astrology experience is needed for Astronomy.
  • Some chart synthesis ability is necessary for Consulting Skills.
  • To participate in Peer Groups you must have at least six months of paid professional experience, even if it is only a few clients so far.

When you have completed all of the requirements, you can apply for Certification, and when granted, you will receive a diploma and can be listed on our website as an OPA Certified Astrologer. Your certification is valid for seven (7) years, and can be renewed for another term by completing another Peer Group or one of our advanced trainings (available beginning in 2024).