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Astrology-Considered-A-Thinking-Persons-GuideFrom The Astrology News Service

OPA Review by Arlan Wise

This book was compiled and published by the Astrology News Service and is geared towards the layperson. This is the book to give to your friends and relatives and other people in your life who wonder about astrology. It is the book for those who have tried to read a basic astrology book but just couldn’t get through it. I wish I could have given it to my plumber the day we were waiting for the new hot water heater to be delivered and he got up the nerve to ask me “Arlan, What is it exactly that you do?”

The book is a collection of short essays. You can read it from beginning to end, or can pick and choose like you do with a gift box of fine chocolates. The pieces are divided into three sections: 1. Astrology Considered, which are the in depth discussions of the philosophical issues; 2. The Evidence… essays on statistical studies that support astrology; 3. News and Views, these are on varied and interesting topics. Each section covers a wide variety of topics and authors. Not all of the essays are great, some are dry, some statistical, and some a bit confusing, but most are brilliant. On the whole, these short essays are clear and easy to read. There is a logical sequence to their placement. It is up to date, with many writers mentioning the transits of 2014.

Ed Snow, the leading force of ANS, wrote the majority of the articles. He is a former news reporter and publicist and has done a good job in reviewing books and studies and interviewing astrologers. His editing keeps repetition to a minimum. There is much explanation of “as above, so below” and other key concepts but each is described in a different way.

Although the book is written for those who don’t know and will probably never study astrology, I, as a long-term professional astrologer, found that I learned quite a lot. I got advice on the stock markets cycles, learned that Christine Arens has a birth date and time for Jesus’ birth (She makes a case for him being a Gemini), and that Joyce Mason has written an astro-detective book call The Crystal Ball.

Stephen Forrest starts the collection of writings with What Astrology Can do for You and ends with Why Astrology’s Image Needs a Makeover. The filling of this sandwich is rich and yummy with juicy tidbits for every interest, from the zodiacs found in the architecture of Washington, DC to Shakespeare’s use of astrology to Regis Philbin getting his mind blown by Sidney Omarr. There is even a study on dung beetles.

You can buy the book from the ANS website – www.astrolgynewsservice.com or download it onto your Kindle from Amazon. I give Astrology Considered five stars.