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Astrological-Prediction-A-Handbook-of-TechniquesBook by Öner Döşer

Review by Arlan Wise

Oner Doser is a leading Turkish astrologer. He has a school in Istanbul, Astroart, and runs Astrology School Publishing which has released 14 books. He blends traditional and modern techniques while combining modern psychological and spiritual interests with realistic attitudes about fate and determinism. This book focuses on predictions and gives a thorough explanation of the many techniques, both old and newer, that can predict events in a person’s life. His main theory is that it is important to use predictive techniques to gain knowledge of what will happen so that one may be best prepared to handle the events.

He organizes the book from big to small. He starts with the seven ages of man and follows with a chapter on triplicities. The ancient astrologers considered a normal human life to be 75 years and this made for easy math when divided by three, the basis of the triplicites. Firdaria is a technique similar to the Vedic Dasha system where a planet takes prominence over a portion of the life. Here he teaches the importance of diurnal versus nocturnal charts, as the starting point of the Firdaria is the Sun or Moon depending on the type of chart. Profections move the Sun along by a sign each year, while transits show the planets real time effects on us. There are chapters on secondary progressions, directing by bounds, primary directions, eclipses, solar and lunar returns, and the book ends with a chapter on rectification. This is a lot of information and each chapter is a complete explanation of the technique, with references to a source if you want even more detail. His chapter on transits, a familiar technique to most astrologers, is excellent and a great tool for reference.

Oner is a natural teacher with his Jupiter in Gemini in the 9th house. Oner uses his chart as the example for the various techniques he teaches. As you read the book you get to know this intelligent and likable colleague. This is a book that fills in gaps in one’s education. It is a book that can replace the many books you bought but couldn’t understand. This is the textbook you want if you want to learn a new predictive technique. Each chapter is complete on its own so you can pick the things you want to learn. I finally understand Triplicities but know that the math in primary directions is something that I may not want to tackle. You will be happy that you own this book.