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The Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) was originally a non-profit organization 501C6 that advanced the cause of professional astrology by helping students and practicing astrologers receive the information, insights, and experiences they need to foster their understanding of astrology, launch a professional practice, or enhance their development.

We have now incorporated as a 501C3 Foundation to increase accessible high quality astrological education to the community.

Over the upcoming months of 2023, you will see that we begin to separate the activities of the two organizations between Membership/Certification and all Foundation/Educational activities, including webinars, conferences and retreats.

501C3 and 501C6 Separation of Roles

OPA Foundation’s 501C3 focus is eduction, while the 501C6 side focuses on membership and certification . . .


“We focus on making astrology accessible, credible, and sustainable. We celebrate astrology’s diversity, creating excellent quality content available to the community, elevating standards of practice, and providing guidance for professional astrologers to sustain themselves financially. We cultivate heart centered bonding and community connections.

We are a family, we are friends, we live in different nations, and together we make astrology a strong, valued profession.”

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